Lapmezciema primary school was established in 1864.

In Lapmezciema primary school is provided education starting from pre – school age at the kindergarten ( from 2 to 6 years old) as the compulsory pre – school education programme and the primary school education programme for the elementary school ( 1st– 9th form ), for pupils from 7 to 16 years old.

There is a variety of options for the pupils to participate in after school activities ( there is a choir, ceramics classes, folk- dance classes, sport classes, etc).

We are very proud of our school flag. It is light- blue with the oak and waves on it.

Address: Lapmezciema primary school, 2a Liepu street, Lapmezciems parish, Engures district, Latvija , LV- 3118

Phone : + 371 26005864

Email : skola @lapmezciems.lv

Website: skola.lapmezciems.lv